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Only For Radio

Talking on cellphone

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What`s That?

Ask something

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Little gift

Gift for radio

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Free Sounds

Production sounds

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Whats the catch?


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You must be running a Radio Station.

And It can be commercial/Non commercial.

You can only use as RJ on any program.

No use permitted to sell as songs.

Get Creative | Utilize Skills.

Grow stations.

Waiver for use declared.



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Get It Done

Don`t judge

It`s Never Over

This is really basic webpage created for radio-community to grow some of the stations with free gifts of production quality sounds.
Some of the declaration I want to make is that Its strictly for Radio shows so one can`t use it in their songs (if you want to use in your songs then I have created that on my official website so dont be angry !everyone gets something.haha.)
You report to PRO or not that is upto you because this is all completely free of those rights but still these are all copyrighted free production quality music.If you want to credit (if you are kind lol then) composer name is :Rahul Shailesh Vaghela.
Why I created this thing? Ans- Because thought of my way to donate to Radio stations.Hope you do something great with it in your work.
Minimal art

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Anything Else?

Anything You read only applies to a link to the content page of this webpage only.
Here we are ! so we thought everything you ever composed and released on internet is all free!LOL
Framed laugh

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Be Nice

Be nice ace

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Nice For What?

Nice for what

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Speed perfect

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Now what?

Spread The Right Words

What is my Goal?

You Smile from the heart

Thank You Next

All Matters


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