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Free Everything?

|Yes Everything you find here is free to use for commercial/Non commercial purposes!|

Like What kind of use?

|If You are running a station with lots of shows then if you want to play something which is music yet you dont want to pay any money then use all of the sounds uploaded here which are free for you guys only.|


|There is little trick here & its just that these sounds can be used only by station manager or anyone who runs the shows on radio only|

|That means you can not use to sell as music or sell as your songs even if you add value to it|

|You can not use it in advertisements|

|If you are a singer then you are allowed to use only if that mix/song is being used on radio only|

Why cant sell?

|Because I already have that music library coming on my website for everyone so this stuff is only for radio community|

What about use in public places?

|You can use it for non commercial purposes only if you have larger audience


|Anyone other than musicians,Artists,songwriters,singers can use any content without permission on youtube even if they make money out of it|

|e.g. If you run a small/large youtube chanel and need of some production quality sounds then you dont need to ask & no need to worry because these are all fully copyrighted to me and allowing you guys to use on youtube.

But Its Copyrighted?

|Yup But Copyrighted to me only with all recording / Composer rights & which is good for you because I am declaring here on my official domain about who can use and how|

Why Being Nice?

|well!I am not being nice.Its just I have some goals to grow some community so thats my task and I am trying to help.

Where is the music?

|Its located on Content tab in this Page|

Are they theme music?

|No They are not|

why would anyone want even?

|Completely Free of Everything|Person can make their own story by arranging our production sounds for their own theme|

I didn`t Get It.

|E.g - You want to cook your own receipe now you buy ingredients from the shopping mart for whichver you are cooking.Right? And those ingredients were made somewhere too far from the town in factory or mill or farm! So Theme sounds are like those ingredients that will not be free but if you directly get the connections from the farm owner then you get some free things because of the honor you visited them so here sounds are like very raw not refined or polished but if you can manage to use them then it will be great for you|

No! Still confused!.

|You know what just download and use it all|As long as you are running a radio show|

Can we credit You?

|That would be amazing and overwhelming if you do so|Then Guess ! I would compose more free stuff for you all|

|Credit name should be my composer name which is Rahul Shailesh Vaghela|

Can we use in website?

|Yes apart from radio if you are from non musical industry then you can use these sounds to showcase your portfolio or whatever way you want to|

|You must Credit this website with the website link on your website anywhere|(Just for Records{Dont worry about font-size-Shrink it})

Thank You, ALL!